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Voice Artist

A voice that flows. Results that show.


Picture this: Your date just showed up. They’re a true vision. Real Disney Protagonist energy. They smile, part their lips…say hello…and suddenly a duck is quacking at you.

If this made you cringe, then you already understand the importance of a good voice. The wrong voice can ruin everything…but the right voice can cut through all the noise resonate with your audience in just a few seconds.

That’s where I come in. As a communications professional and trained improvisational actress, I can make your story jump off the page and land the way you need it to – every time.

I excel at conjuring nuanced, authentic vocal emotion without sounding like a daytime soap. I can’t wait to bring your project to life by drawing on a talent I’ve nurtured since I was a toddler perfecting my Louis Armstrong impression with my grandpa.

A picture of me in the studio

As your voice artist, I can: 

  • Add interest to your webinars and videos 

  • Make your offers pop on radio and TV commercials 

  • Lead your audience to their “ah-hah” moment by breathing life into educational programming

  • Compel your supporters to give money or take action with my irresistible on-air appeals  

  • Transport your podcast or Ebook fans to new worlds

  • Keep the night lively by deftly hosting your event 

  • Stop callers from hanging up  with my voicemails and hold messages 


Phone: 518-308-8062

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